EURUSD rebounded from its highest level in almost four months

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EURUSD fell during the US session to see its ninth session decline in its 12th session since June 14 following economic developments and data followed Tuesday by the largest Euro zone economies.

At 3:20 pm GMT, the EURUSD dropped 0.19% to 1.1470, compared to the opening at 1.1491 after hitting its lowest since August 20 at 1.1432, while the lowest level at 1.1503.

Europe’s largest economy followed the release of the trade balance, which showed a surplus of € 18.3 billion compared to the previous July reading and expectations of € 15.9 billion, with the seasonally adjusted seasonally adjusted drop of 0.1% versus 0.8% Which was up 0.4%, and the seasonally adjusted 2.7% drop compared to a 2.8% rise, other than expectations for a 0.1% rise.

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EURUSD pair has been able to touch 1.1443 and some bullishness from there appears to be affected by the strength of this level. As long as the price is below 1.1525, the downside scenario will remain effective for the coming period, supported by the move below SMA 50, with the extended target at 1.1300.

In another context, European Central Bank member Vitaas Vasiloskas noted that there are risks to economic growth, adding that these risks include geopolitical tensions as well as trade tensions between the US and China, and we would like to point out that Faziloskas has recently stated that there is no reason for extending monetary facilitation And that the recent slowdown in economic growth within the Eurozone is temporary.

In contrast, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte expressed his confidence that Italy’s economic growth will be higher than the International Monetary Fund’s expectations, while demanding that his government work to demonstrate the potential of the economy. This came after the International Monetary Fund lowered its forecast for the growth of the Italian economy next year to 1.0% Compared to its previous forecast of 1.1%. The Italian government’s forecast for growth is 1.5% next year.

Conte said the markets will calm down with binary options brokers understanding of the new budget, saying he is dissatisfied with the rise in the yield gap between Italy, the third largest economy of the euro zone and Germany, to about 315 basis points, adding that he has confidence that those investing in Italy will Which came after Italian Finance Minister Giovanni Treya unveiled Italy’s new budget, which kept the deficit at 2.4%.

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