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VideForex ( BinaryMate ) , launched in 2016,  is a new generation binary options broker on the market.  It’s a new revolutionary propietary trading platform  including a live video chat with managers 24/7 .

  • Revolutionary Propietary Platform
  • 24/7 Live Video Chat
  • Withdrawals in 1 hour
  • Free Education
  • All funds are safe and held in a EU bank
  • Trading on weekends
  • Secured Trading
  • Cons
  • Not Demo Account
  • Last Updated on May 17, 2022


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    homepage of (screenshot)

    VideForex- Homepage

    Overview. What is VideForex?

    VideForex (BinaryMate), launched in 2016,  is a new generation binary options broker on the market.  It’s a new revolutionary proprietary trading platform including a live video chat with managers 24/7. They are a firm registered under the INVOLVA CORP with registration number Nr 104693 in the Marshal Islands MH96960. The company made a clear statement of not being registered under the US territory and not registered under any US Financial regulatory body. 

    Their payout system is really astonishing. You can get up to 95% return in 60 seconds on over 100 assets to trade.

    And best of all they are accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins as a deposit method.

    VideForex – Live Video Chat

    Trading Platform

    You’ll only be granted access to its web-based trading platform after successful registration and signup.

    Being web-based means the trading platform can function on a wide range of devices from PC to MAC, tablets, and mobile phones. This way, you can still follow through on your open trade positions irrespective of where you are.

    During our research and test, we were very impressed with the fact that its fully developed in-house trading platform is very easy to use for both beginner traders and professionals. It’s available on desktop and mobile Apps ( Android and iPhone ).

    its trading platform possesses the highest security level ( 10 points out of 10-point grading scale ), simple user-friendly interface, and is extremely convenient especially for the active style of trading.

    This trading platform looks simple at signup. We believe this is a strategy to get you comfortable with the environment since newbies often get overwhelmed with more advanced and technical features. We’ll get to how you can unlock more advanced features of the platform later in the review.

    Platform of (screenshot)


    The default setting of this online trading platform is the simplified binary options outlook. 

    To start trading Forex, Crypto, and Commodities CFDs, all you need to do is click on the CFD/Forex button at the left of the Binary button, followed by switching the main-chart window orientation from Tick chart to candlestick chart.

    Now that your main chart window is set for CFD trading, you’ll observe a difference with the presence of ASK and BID price that’s not present on the default window and no purchase date and expiration date.

    If you’re like me and have specific candlestick and chart patterns that give you high probability trades, then the candlestick chart view will serve you well.

    The TradingView outlook allows you to choose from a wide range of technical indicators, charts, measurement, and annotation tools.

    Trade Forex and CFDs on its platform (screenshot)

    Order Types

    1. Market Order

    Suppose you’ve traded Forex or any other derivative product on any other platform. In that case, the regular Instant and Pending order types are on its trading platform and set as Market and If order types, respectively.

    instant market order on vide forex broker platform (screenshot)

    So, a quick recap. With the Market order on them, you can get your trades filled at either the current Ask price if you take a long position or Bid price if you’re taking a short-sell order.

    The If-order is the same as pending orders on other popular trading platforms like MetaTrader 4, where the trade only gets filled if the market order reaches a set price level.

    Ensure the order drop-down is set to the appropriate order type you intend to get filled, e.g., Market or If.

    1. Pending (IF)

    Let’s touch expand more on the conditional IF order.

    Pending orders on Vide Forex broker platform (screenshot)

    To activate the IF order, you have to toggle from the default market order to the pending IF order.

    We are starting with a pending Sell order.

    Although they are all considered IF orders, a pending sell order can either be a stop or a limit order, depending on the pending order’s location to the current Bid price.

    A sell limit order is set if the pending order is positioned above the current market bid price. Conversely, a sell stop order is placed if the pending order is set below the current market BID price.

    Likewise, the pending buy orders are of two types: the pending buy stop order and the pending buy limit order.

    The pending buy order is of type buy limit if the pending order is placed below the current market ASK price. It is a pending buy stop order if the pending order level is fixed above the current market ASK price.

    Binary Options

    As we highlighted earlier in the review, this trading platform defaults to trade binary options.

    Getting started is easy. First, select from either the Forex, Crypto, or Commodity asset, then decide the direction you think the asset will continue. You can click on the Call button if you believe it will increase or the Put button if you feel the asset will slump from the current price. 

    Your decision to hit the Call or Put button must be made on or before the Yellow purchase deadline.

    Call and Put on Vide Forex platform (screenshot)

    When you hit the call button, you’ll only be in the money if the asset’s price closes above your strike price at the expiration period. If you expect the asset’s price to close below the strike price, in that case, you click on the PUT button.

    They offer Binary Options trading as Turbo, Intraday, and Long term.

    Select what type of Option (screenshot)

    By following a percentage gauge of Call and Put Options on its platform, which has rapid fluctuations, you may be able to figure out a relationship with the asset you’re currently tracking. For now, we’ve not recognized any significant use of this feature yet.

    Tracking your trade performance on its trading platform is easy. You can get a view of all your open, pending, and closed trades on the trade panel to see where you need to make adjustments in your trading strategy or risk management.

    Assets to trade

    All Assets available (screenshot)

    Traders and speculators of Options and CFDs can choose from a comprehensive list of Forex, commodities, and Crypto assets.

    Click on the dropdown, as shown above, and toggle from cryptos to Forex or commodities.

    • Commodities: While we put this review together, traders can only trade two commodities on its trading platform: Gold and Silver. Perhaps they might increase the number of assets under commodities later in the future.
    • Cryptocurrencies: Now may be a great time to trade cryptocurrencies with them, considering the massive surge of the total crypto market cap beyond the 2017 ATH. Cryptocurrencies on Vide Forex include Bitcoin BTC, LITECOIN, LTC/BTC, EOS/USD, DSH/USD, IOT/USD, ETC/USD, OMG/USD, ZEC/USD, ETHEREUM, XRP/USD, XMR/USD.

    Crypto Assets: Trade Bitcoin

    VideForex is a binary options trading broker that makes it easy to trade Bitcoin BTC against the USD. Bitcoin binary option brings your focus more to the short, medium, the long-term direction of Bitcoin, rather than having to worry about ideas like position sizing, stop loss, and other concerns that come with CFD trading.

    If you took a Call option on the BTCUSD when the price was 10000USD (strike price), and the price closed at 10500USD at expiration time, you would have made a fixed profit percentage set by this broker.

    Compared with trading CFDs, where you have to worry about where your stop loss and take profit levels will be, trading the Bitcoin binary option eliminates such concerns allowing you to focus on important trend direction.


    They have one of the highest payouts in the binary options industry. You get varying payouts ranging from 60% to 85% on different assets. Check them out below

    • Forex: EUR/GBP (65%), GBP/USD (63%), EUR/NZD (75%), GBP/AUD (60%), USD/CAD (75%), AUD/CHF (60%), USD/CHF (60%), USD/RUB (60%), USD/CNH (75%), AUD/NZD (60%), CAD/CHF (60%), AUD/USD (60%), USD/JPY (60%), AUD/CAD (75%), USD/SEK (60%), AUD/JPY (60%), EUR/JPY (75%), GBP/JPY (60%), EUR/AUD (80%), GBP/CHF (60%), EUR/AUD, GBP/CAD (75%), EUR/USD (62%), NZD/USD (75%), EUR/CAD (75%), CHF/JPY (64%), EUR/CHF (60%).
    • Commodities:  Silver (75%) and Gold (60%)
    • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin BTC (60%), OMG/USD(70%) , EOS/USD(70%), XRP/USD(61%), ZEC/USD(70%), DSH/USD(70%), XMR/USD(70%), ETC/USD (70%), ETHEREUM(70%), LTC/BTC(60%), IOT/USD(70%), SAN/USD (70%), LITECOIN(70%).

    [info]Recent research related to precision and speed evaluation of this trading platform clearly shows that the average trader’s success rate is 30% higher in comparison to other platforms.[/info]

    Promotions & Bonuses

    This platform offers up to 100% Deposit Bonus + Free Risk Trades to all traders.

    Upon registering and sending in your first deposit on Vide Forex, you automatically qualify for an opportunity to win fabulous prizes in the ongoing promotions.

    Traders can win Apple products that’ll ease your everyday trading life and a 20% to 100% deposit bonus.

    Bonuses of VideForex (screenshot)

    ** Check bonus rules on their broker website.

    Below are the product Giveaways:

    • Deposit $5K and above, and you can win an iMac 27″.
    • A $2.5K to $4.99K deposit can win you an iPad Pro.
    • To win the iPhone 12 Pro 256 GB, make a $1K to $2.499K deposit.
    • The series 6 Apple is up for grabs after you deposit $500 to $999. 

    Bonuses and Giveaway promotions (screenshot)

    Please be mindful of the following terms and conditions that come with the Vide Forex Giveaway.

    1 – Get your Giveaway promo offer under the “My Promotion” section after your account is funded.

    2 – Your deposits must come in between 1.12.2020 00:00 GMT to 31.12.2020 23:59 GMT.

    3 – The prize draws will be on 05.01.2021 10:00 GMT.

    Type of Accounts & Minimum deposit

    There are 3 types of accounts available ( Bronze, Silver, and Gold ) according to your deposit.

    Visit the account type page, and by dragging the slider from right to left, you can check out the account type that suits you.

    Select the checkbox to activate your promotion and view the effect on your account size.

    • Bronze Account

    Deposits from $250 – $999 will give you a 20% bonus buffer from them.

    An $800 deposit will add up to $960 when you include the 20% deposit bonus.

    You also get features like a demo account, 24hr a week video/chat support, a tool for copy trading, and under one-hour withdrawal.

    • Silver Account

    Deposits from $1000.00 – $2999.00 reveal a 50% bonus, along with additional features such as risk-free trades on your first three orders, a web-based master class, a tool for copy trades, under one-hour withdrawal, and a demo account.

    • Gold Account

    With a Gold account comes way more features like having a personal success manager, 1st three risk-free trades, a tool for copying trades, a demo account, a live video chat support 24hrs a week, and withdrawal that’s less than an hour.

    To get the Gold account, you’ll have to deposit between $3000 – $50000 for a whopping 100% deposit bonus.

    Accounts of VideForex (screenshot)

    Demo Account

    At this binary options broker, you don’t just get a demo account for free. You’ll have to show commitment by making a minimum deposit of $250. We believe they do this to decongest their servers and work with only serious-minded traders.


    Deposit & Withdrawals methods table (screnshot)

    They use the service of a wide range of payment providers for both deposit and withdrawal into client accounts.

    The company currently allows withdrawal and deposits from MASTERCARD, VISA, BTC Bitcoin, ETH Ethereum, Perfect Money, and Altcoins like Dash and Litecoin.

    All VISA and MasterCard deposits come with a 5% fee and are only open to residents outside of the United States. While deposits are carried out immediately, withdrawals will take up to an hour.

    Perfect Money Withdrawals and Deposits also get up to one hour at no transaction fee.

    You can opt for a more borderless with zero transaction fee cryptocurrency deposits. However, you may have to wait for an hour for withdrawals.

    They offer 1-hour withdrawals by credit cards, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, and AltCoins.

    Customer Support & Education

    They are the first binary options platform to provide 24/7  live video chat support to its customers.  Account managers are dedicated to answering all potential queries and helping you to get the best returns on your investment.

    Furthermore, also they have customer service through phone, email, and callback.

    Contact them on this phone number (+18499370843) to find out more about their services and product offerings.

    They provide account managers for one on one training, as well as free training lessons and education videos

    You can also reach them on Instagram and Twitter @videforex_com should you wish to make more inquiries or keep track of upcoming events and promotions.

    Regulation in the United States

    They are an offshore broker not regulated within the USA with CFTC *

    VideForex Review: Summary

    VideForex provides the most advanced binary options trading platform, with 24/7 live beautiful managers to help you achieve the best results in your investment.

    This broker gives traders the ability to trade manually or with the help of 3d party robots and trading assistants.

    Others pros such as a minimum deposit of just $250, 1-hour withdrawal, free education, and high payouts make this financial company the best choice among binary options brokers.

    Make a minimum deposit today, and contact customer care to activate your demo account as a way to get started and get familiar with the trading platform and services. 

    The mouth-watery bonuses and giveaways may make your trading journey a lot easier.

    ** Amount to be credited to account for a successful trade.

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    US Binary Options
    Average rating:  
     6 reviews
     by Richard D
    Very impressed.
    Pros: Support, Platform
    City,Country: Manchester, UK

    I'm very satisfied with all their platform features, and nice support. Very profitable.
    Thank you Sasha for your help.

     by Nick P.
    I recommend BinaryMate!
    Pros: easy platform, customer support,
    City,Country: Chicago

    I love BinaryMate.
    Great trading platform, and highly responsive customer support.
    Ella answered quickly all my questions though video chat.

     by Robert A.
    Excellent platform and support , Not a scam
    Pros: Good trading platform, customer support
    City,Country: Boston

    I finally found a trusted broker, not a scam.

    To Santa and Valerie ( customer support staff ) "I am writing this comment to thank you for all the support that you have extended to me during all my time in "

     by James Andersen
    first time trader
    City,Country: San Francisco,CA

    Great platform for first timers like me.
    Their customer support is always online to provide help.

     by Kewin Howard
    Pros: These guys are real professionals
    Cons: NONE
    City,Country: LA,CA

    I have invested 1,500$ with Nadia from BinaryMate, in several contracts, and this lady has help me to DOUBLE my investment in NO TIME through video chat.
    I am very pleased with the people at BinaryMate and highly recommend !

     by John Murdock
    Amazing Customer Service
    City,Country: Austin, TX

    I've had several problems with the website, something about my browser, I did not fully understand it. Their customer service was top notch ( amazing live video chat ) and really helped me out!

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