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There are many things that you might have as a trader if you are new to online binary trading or not should take into consideration. If you ask any trader they will tell you that there are many different binary options strategies that you can use when it comes to making a success of trading online and what you should also do is learn some of the basics that you will need as well.

The following are just a few of the strategies and basics that you should take into consideration.

Support and Resistance Strategies

These strategies are related to technical analysis and its characteristics. Some traders see this form of analysis as being complex especially if you are a new trader. But what some traders do not seem to realize is that many of the strategies to do with trading are actually centred around these strategies already, so the basics are not really that complicated.

So What Are These Strategies?

They are lines that are horizontal and what they do is reveal an asset price that tried to break through but had trouble in doing so. Another thing that these lines show is the asset price and the precise range it has shifted inside.


  • Prevents asset prices reaching levels that are high


  • Holds prices from reaching new points which are low

Asset Price Pullback Strategy

This strategy can initially seem complex, but isn’t as complex as it sounds. There are many tools and signals that one can utilize including:

  • Inside Bars or (Candlesticks) these are the simplest.

If this strategy is applied correctly the success rate can be very high and can result in plenty of profits and a high success rate.

Definition Of Pullback

This is when the underlying assets price is either trending up or down, and yet the price which is in an opposing direction but only for a brief time pulls back. Pullback can take place:

  • No matter which direction the asset price is going in and the movement of price.
  • They can be identified so that a profit can be gained from them while trade contracts are used.
  • Identification can also be used when spotting the price trend and a complete reversal which may also be just as profitable.

Now here are a few of the basics that you may want to also consider:

The Strike Price

This will always be the current price and also the price when you enter into a trading contract. What this price does is determines the price of the asset when it either falls or rises when it eventually expires and it is also the foundation with which it is based upon. The strike price will always be presented to the traders upfront so any decisions can be made or considered when selecting the options of:

  • Put
  • Or Call

But one thing this price will be is in place no matter which instrument for binary trading is used or the expiry time that is decided. But one thing you should know is that the broker must not have been generated by the actual broker.

Reducing Risks

One thing you will always find is information which tells you all about the risks involved in trading. This is something that everyone should know about and binary brokers and experts who are in the industry will want traders to be aware of. When all is said and done there are ways which are very clear cut that can reduce the levels of risk? It is known that reducing the level of risk is also connected to reducing the level of profits. What this means is that no matter what the trade is if there is a profit made then the trade has been a good one no matter how much money has been made. But one thing any new trader should know is right from the start is how to manage risk from the word go.



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